Monday, May 19, 2008

Cupcake wedding

This Wedding had a flower theme for the cupcakes. Each cupcake was made to look like a rose, with a sugar leaf tucked into every one. The bride made her own custom stands, and did a fabulous job! If you are not so artistically inclined, or just don't have the time, i can build you a custom stand for your wedding.

Congrats Natosha and Jonathan!

Tall tier cupcake wedding

This Wedding had a purple theme, and the bride wanted a cutting cake as well as a cupcake for each of her guests. The stand is available for rental, and can be up t0 6 tiers high.

Congrats Amy!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chocolate brown and Turquoise

This cake was designed by the groom! The inspiration came from the invitation ( he designed that as well!) which included chocolate brown vines with two different turquoise flowers, on an ivory base. The top two tiers were fake, and the bottom was an amaretto sponge cake covered in rich chocolate fondant. Yum!

Congrats Danielle and Jon!

* Custom cake plate was made to match the cake